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Letter from Ian 11th April

Happy Easter Everyone,

Hallelujah. Christ is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed! Hallelujah!!

I do hope you can celebrate Easter in some way because, in spite of the lockdown, in spite of the horrific figures for coronavirus cases and deaths, the Lord is risen and that is good news for us and for the world. If you would like another view on this do look up "How the virus stole Easter" (the ending is better than the title...)

I was pleased to receive many positive comments about the Hot Cross Bun Feast - thank you for those and sorry that I was not able to respond to all of them. I liked the photo of me on a tablet in James & Louisa's kitchen - do send me any photos like that, and take others of you worshipping in the lockdown, because while you can see me on your screens I can't see you.

Our Easter Day service is in the same format, so just click here. There is an opportunity to share Communion in this service, so do make sure you have some bread and wine (or fruit juice) available. You may also like to light your own Easter Candle as a sign of hope at the beginning of the service. For anyone who struggles to access youtube, or can't hear all the words, there is a PDF of most of the service here (this does not include the Communion Prayer). Thanks to all contributors, especially Get Closer for the prayers. 

'Hallelujah He is Risen!' 'He is Risen indeed, Hallelujah!'

Here are this week's Energize resources for children and young people. Because we have these the service, and especially the sermon, are more adult than all age. In the Energize material for 3-6 year olds there is an Easter poster with a rainbow that you can put up in your window. This is a sign of Christian hope, as well as something children on their daily exercise can look out for - how wonderful if they saw lots of "He is Risen" posters this week!

Also, there is another Quiz from Steve and another letter from Derek & Jane Waller in Madagascar - do please pray for them and all people in countries where the health services have nothing like the resources of the NHS.

Finally this week I make no apology for pointing you in the direction of Spring Harvest at Home. Anyone who has been to Spring Harvest at Skegness or Minehead will know that one of the challenges is to decide what to do and what to miss, this is just as true with the "At Home" programme, although the advantage is that you don't have to travel and settle into a Butlin's chalet to access any of it! There are three places to go for more details, first the Spring Harvest website where there is an outline programme at

second the Spring Harvest youtube channel where you can see more details of what is available and where you will be able to access material from Monday morning onwards, and third you can watch a film from Abby Guinness from Spring Harvest explaining how it will all work.

With very best wishes for the best possible Easter,