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Letter from Ian 13th June

Dear Church Family, 

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to a warmer weekend. You may have heard in the news that churches will be allowed to open for private prayer from Monday. We are not planning to do this immediately, partly because you don't need to be in church to pray, and also because there are lots of regulations that have to be followed about cleaning and supervision. Please do let me know if this is something that you would like to do.

Please pray for Christine Kettridge's granddaughter, Ruby, who is now in Glenfield Hospital with a rare infection in her heart. Pray that her treatment is completely effective and also for her parents, Matt & Leanne, as well as siblings Faith, Evan and Isaac, and, of course, Christine. Please also pray this week for Anne Kenney's family as her funeral is on Friday 19th at 10am. Finally on the subject of prayer, there is a Prayer Update from Hope from Above (HFA) in Australia, this makes reference to a staff member's "elderly parent who is overseas", this is Tim Derbyshire's father who is in this country, please pray for him and for Tim who is unable to visit at the present time.

Next week is Father's Day and I would like to ask any children (that's all of us when you think about it!) to submit a prayer of thanks for their Dad. The best way to do this is to record it on your phone and send via WhatsApp to me at 07903 644609. Why not do this today or tomorrow, and in any event please send by Thursday at the latest. Thank you.

Parents will also note that the age related Energize sessions are back this week.

Our service this week is for St Columba's Day, I hope you enjoy it. There is a PDF and the link is below

We hope you have all had a lovely week and enjoy our service for the 14th June 2020. It's packed with familiar faces, a virtual pilgrimage, and much more...

Steve's latest puzzles are available and we also have the latest Tom Trowel Emojivideo below:

Do let me know if you have any news to share, or prayer requests, or anything else that might encourage us at the moment.

With best wishes to you all,