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Letter from Ian 17th July

Dear Church Family,

I begin with some sad news about Isobel Peters who has died following a long illness and after being cared for day and night, at home, by her daughters. Isobel will now be re-united with her much loved husband Bill who died in 2019. Please pray for Isobel's family and many friends at this time of loss.


I know many people are looking forward to 19th July as Freedom Day, so I feel something of a party pooper in suggesting that we should exercise our freedom in a different way, a loving, caring and cautious way. Having said that, all the people who spoke to me or one of the PCC members about this situation encouraged a cautious approach.

Coronavirus has not gone away, indeed the rate of infection is on the rise, as are the number of hospitalisations and deaths, and at the same time only just over half the adults locally have been double vaccinated. In these circumstances a return to "normal" seems to be the last thing that we should be considering. If we can stop one person from being infected, keep one person out of hospital, save one life, then we will have shown our love to our community, both our church family and beyond. So, in spite of the government removing all legal restrictions from 19th July, I would recommend the following in respect of church, but I believe it is good advice for every aspect of our lives at this time:

  • continue to wear a face covering unless exempt from doing so
  • continue to observe social distancing when indoors - this means we will continue to invite people to services and have designated seats, but please note there is always room for anyone who has not accepted an invitation but wakes up on a Sunday morning and wants to be in the Lord's house with the Lord's people. If you have not had an invitation and would like one, please do get in touch.

These restrictions will, of course, be regularly reviewed in the light of the latest case numbers, and as soon as it seems sensible to remove the restrictions we will do so.

There is one aspect of "freedom" that I think we can embrace, and that is to re-introduce singing into our services. This will have to be with face coverings in place for the time being but that will surely be better than not singing at all. We look forward to welcoming the Worship Group to lead our sung worship from Sunday 1st August.

One other implication of this situation is that it does not feel right to gather together as a church family for a picnic next Sunday after church, so, once again I'm afraid, our Church Picnic is being postponed.

Please do contact me if you have any questions or comments about any of the above


Thank you to William and Kevin for putting together this week's service. This is available as a PDF and can be viewed on youtube here:


This week's ENERGIZE resources for children, looking at the next part of the story of Joshua - Rahab and the Spies. Steve has produced a mini-SCANS this week. It includes an article about John Lynch, updated from a 1998 original (see if you recognise John from the photo). Steve would be grateful if someone was willing to interview present congregation members so that these articles can be re-introduced. Please contact Steve direct (details in SCANS) or me if you are interested. This could be a summer holiday project and indeed make an interesting addition to a CV. 


Our regular Sunday evening Prayer Meeting for Hope into Action will be at the earlier time of 6pm on Sunday 18th July - everyone is very welcome to join us.

May God bless and guide you at this time,


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