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Letter from Ian 18th July

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another weekend and another email from me. I must say the week in between these emails seems to disappear very quickly! This week's service has been put together by David Bavin, so a big thank you to David for that, as well as to everyone else who contributed to the service. You will find the link below, but before that some notices!

Kevin & Kate Montgomery

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for Kate this week. After telling you last week that she was out of hospital Kate had to go back in for two nights but is now home again. Please pray for a full and speedy recovery and for them to be able to settle in to their new home.

Restarting services in Church

You should receive a phone call over the next week or so asking some questions about how and when we restart services in church. Our work party met last week and have a plan for a careful restart in August, but the details will depend on your responses, so please be ready to give your answers. I have said before but it is worth repeating, we will continue with these online services for as long as necessary so no-one will be under any pressure to attend services in church.

Face Masks from Traidcraft

We all know that we will be required to wear a face mask when shopping from next Friday, 24th July, so why not use the opportunity to buy one and support some of the poorest communities in the world by buying a Fairtrade Face Mask. Full details are below as well as a photo of the variety of colours available but these are first come first served. They cost £4 each - please phone or email me with your order, along with any other Traidcraft products you may like. Free delivery within local area comes as standard!

New Wine Breaks Out

Everyone who enjoyed Spring Harvest at Home earlier in the year should be looking forward to New Wine's similar offering in just less than two week's time. Here is an outline of the programme, which as you will see has sessions for children and young people as well as adults. Do make a note of the dates: Thursday 30th July to Monday 3rd August. We will also be looking for people, to share their highlights, including favourite songs from New Wine, in our service on 9th August, so do be thinking about that as you watch.

Other news

There are still copies of Word for Today Bible reading notes available - again please phone or email if you would like one. We have received the latest news from Carol & Tim Derbyshire in Australia and an extra bonus edition of puzzles from Steve (thank you, Steve) as well as the Energize children's resources.

This week's service

Sunday 19th July

Tom Trowel

Plague City 9

With best wishes to you all,


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Traidcraft Face Masks

face mask

Here is a picture of a Traidcraft face mask

description of face mask

And here is its description

variety of colours

And here are the various colours .