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Letter from Ian 1st August

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying New Wine online. Still time to watch everything that has been released as it remains on youtube even though the "event" finishes on Monday. Everything can be found from the website:

PLEASE do let me know anything that has been special to you from watching it - either a song, or something you remember from a talk, or, especially, if God has spoken to you as a result of something you have heard. We will use those reflections to put together our service for next week.

There are no Energize resources this week as New Wine have an extensive children's and youth programme so do encourage your children to look that up.

Kate Montgomery

Please continue to hold Kevin's wife Kate in your prayers as her recovery is proving to be very slow and something of a roller coaster. They are having a week's "holiday" from Monday, although that will not be the relaxing time that they need.


In spite of computer problems Steve has come up with another set of puzzles - thank you.

The link to this week's service can be found below and there is the usual PDF. The PDF includes a collect which did not make it into the youtube version. We thought about calling in Tom Trowel to investigate the mystery of the missing collect but didn't think we could afford to pay for him to come here from the Big City! There will be more from Tom in the coming weeks.
Welcome to St Columba's service for Sunday 2nd August 
2020! Hope everyone has had a lovely week, enjoying the 
sunny weather, and also maybe been watching som...

And finally just to say that we are aiming to restart services in church on 23rd August. Following the government announcement yesterday face masks will be required for everyone attending a service. Other government changes may affect our plans, but for the moment we plan to invite those people who indicated that they would like to attend a service in church to one of the services on 23rd or soon after (obviously not everyone can attend at 10.15) so look out for that.

God bless you all,