St Columba's Corby

Open to God... open to you

Letter from Ian 22nd August

Hello Everyone,

This is a very exciting weekend as we gather for worship back in St Columba's for the first time in five months. I know not everyone is able to attend tomorrow, some invitations are still on their way for services on Thursday and next week, others are not yet ready to come back, and some people are away.

If you had previously indicated that you were not yet ready to come back to church, but would now like to join us, please let me know so you can be added to the invitation list for one of the services. It is a challenge, but not an impossible one, to fit everyone in, and as I will be sharing in my message tomorrow, I see these changes as an opportunity for us to embrace the "new thing" that God is doing.


This week's children's resources from Energize are here. Please note that the PLAY AREA in church is closed at the moment in line with the guidance that we have been given. Children are, of course, very welcome to our services but should stay with their parents, and younger ones will need to bring their own toys. Once the new term starts we will review our provision of groups for children in line with the latest guidance from the Church of England.


First of all some good news from Abi Harding and Faith Kettridge who both did well in their GCSEs this week - congratulations both. Please pray for them, and all our children, as they prepare to go back to school over the next couple of weeks.

Kate Montgomery came home from hospital this week, but is still not well, so please continue to pray for her and for Kevin and their children.

Noel and Maxine Harding's father died this week from cancer, so do please uphold them in your prayers.

We have received two Prayer Letters from Carol & Tim in Australia, where they are suffering a full lockdown again. The second of these is an update on a prayer request in the first!


The link for this week's service is below, with a PDF. You may like to access this online service even if you attend a service in church because it includes songs. The situation is changing concerning singing, with it being allowed for the Worship Group now, but still not for the congregation. As people coming to church tomorrow will experience there are other ways to praise God without singing!

Here is Steve's Quiz this week!

With best wishes to all and looking forward to seeing many of you in church over the next couple of weeks.

God bless you all,