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Letter from Ian 23rd May

Dear St Columba's Church Family, 

I must begin with some more sad news I'm afraid. This last week has seen the death of Jane Simpkin's mother and, just today, Anne Kenney. Please pray for Jane and her twin sister Ann, as well as Anne Kenney's family. Please note Sheila had recorded the prayers for this morning's service before news of Anne's death came through. Do also continue to pray for Margaret Freeland following Bryan's death, his funeral is on Tuesday. I would also encourage you to pray for Kevin Montgomery, who will be joining us as our new curate at the end of next month, but he is presently unwell. Do pray for a speedy recovery, and also for Kevin's family, especially his wife Kate who is an A&E nurse at Peterborough.

The link for this week's service is below. Please note that the volume level does vary on the different recordings so you may need to adjust this during the service. If you can't hear anything the PDF "24 May" gives all the words that are spoken. Also don't forget to give someone a ring after you have watched the service for that after church fellowship.

Welcome to St Columba's service for Sunday 24th May 2020. We hope you have all had a lovely week this week and enjoy the service.

Also here are the latest Puzzles from Steve, a newsletter from Hope from Above in Australia part 1 and part 2 (Editor's apology: in two parts on the website due to technical issues), the usual Energize resources and the following:


We have entered the ten day period between Ascension Day (last Thursday) and Pentecost (Next Sunday) when we are encourged to pray for people we know who don't yet know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. This comes under the banner "Thy Kingdom Come" and the most important thing is that we all pray for people we know who don't yet know Jesus - the suggestion is to pray for five people. There are also some extra resources including a "Prayer Journal" that everyone can use and some family prayer activities: "Five Ideas for Families", "Prayer Games" and "Prayer Ideas for Families". You can, of course, keep these for use at any time .


There are some new resources for Half Term on the Spring Harvest youtube channel, these are primarily for families and children, although last week Malcolm Duncan did a new series of Night Blessings and these are still available.


Finally I send the latest Bible Reading sheet with readings from next Sunday, 31st May, through to the week beginning 13th September. Please print this off and make use of it as we continue to read through the Old Testament (finishing Job and then the other books of poetry: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs before moving into the Prophets) while reading the New Testament and Psalms for a second time, covering Romans, Mark's gospel and the Corinthian letters this time. If anyone needs a printed copy do let me know.

Just before I finish can I welcome the 100th and 101st people to this mailing - it is good to have you with us and to be in regular contact with so many people, but just because there are a large number doesn't mean we can't help each one, so if you have any needs do please let me know.

With love and best wishes to all,


01536 400225