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Letter from Ian 25th April

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well and not finding life in lockdown too stressful. Do phone me if you would like to chat to someone.

I begin this week with some prayer requests, and a couple of thanksgivings:

  • We give thanks that Joan Tyre was able to get medication she needed, but which was in short supply, after a number of people in the church family prayed.
  • We pray for Anne Kenney who has spent the last week in Kettering Hospital, but not with coronavirus. Anne is recovering and hopes to be discharged soon.
  • An old friend of Roy & Jessie's daughter has died of coronavirus in Peterhead, leaving both her mother and two daughters, so please pray for them. It would be good to remember the family and friends of Katrina Dale and Greg Benton, whose funerals Ian has taken in the last fortnight, and Alan Stewart whose funeral is on Friday this week. 
  • Please also pray for Steve & Sue Scholes who are both unwell, again not virus related, and as a result are struggling in this strange new world we are in.
  • Thank you to those people who have responded to the financial needs of the church, we are most grateful and as ever blessed by the generosity of St Columba’s church family.

If you have any prayer request, or reason to be thankful, please do share it so that we can mobilise the church in prayer.

On the subject of prayer, the prayers in this week's service are more of a meditation that you might like to return to during the week, so they are available separately here "26 April Prayers". Do make use of that in your prayers at home.

Looking ahead to our service on Sunday 3rd May we are going to have a Spring

Harvest theme, and would like YOU to contribute if there was a special moment
at this year’s SPRING HARVEST HOME which excited you, or moved you, or
encouraged you, or challenged you, or if God spoke to you in any way PLEASE
could you:

  1.  Write a SHORT reflection (no more than a minute when spoken) on something from Spring Harvest Home and email it to me. If you could mention which talk or session it relates to that would be helpful.
  2. If possible could you FILM yourself reading your reflection! This could be done on your phone and sent to me via WhatsApp or on your laptop and attached to an email.
  3. If possible choose a song that links to the reflection - maybe a song you heard at Spring Harvest Home or perhaps a song you know that seems to connect with your reflection.

Please could you let me have your reflections/films/song choices by Wednesday evening at the latest so we can put them together into the service. And if you have not yet watched any of Spring Harvest Home it is not too late, all the teaching and main sessions are still available.

Sunday's Service

Now to this week’s service. There is a youtube link below and a PDF here. If you want to share the youtube service with anyone you will either have to forward this message to

them or direct them to our website where they can access the youtube link. Thank
you to all those who contributed to this service.

St Columba's Corby Sunday service, 26th April 2020.

Energize at Home

Please find here the usual three documents of age related Energize material. Below is a link to some additional material that children (of all ages) may like to look at which relates to this week's Bible passage:

Tom Trowel Private Eye Story

Some of you will be familiar with the Private Eye, Ton Trowel, who has appeared in SCANS in the past. Because the lockdown has proved bad for Private Investigators Tom has had time to sit down and tell us one of his stories which you can watch by

following this link: Thank you to David Bavin for making this possible.

Steve's Puzzles

Here are the latest puzzles (6) from Steve.

God bless you and watch over you all,

Best wishes,


Ian Pullinger (Revd)


St Columba’s, Corby

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