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Letter from Ian 25th September

Hello Everyone,

I am sending this message earlier than usual because I wanted to encourage as many people as possible to watch Kevin's ordination service from Peterborough Cathedral, on Saturday 26th September at 12 noon. The service will be available to watch at any time after that as well.

The service will be available on the Peterborough Cathedral Facebook page:

and will probably be listed on the front page once it starts (the Priests ordination from three weeks ago is there now) but if not try looking under videos. And MOST IMPORTANT please pray for Kevin at the beginning of his ordained ministry, and continue to pray for a full recovery for Kate, early indications are that she is going in the right direction but it will take time.

On the subject of prayer we have a couple of new prayer requests: first please remember Mary Craig, after Rodger died suddenly this week; and second please pray for church members who will be losing their jobs when the Roquette plant closes later this year; and, of course, please continue to pray for Alois, Nicole and Kye following Linda's death last week. More positively little Ruby Kettridge came through her heart operation this week and is hoping to come home this weekend, and Sheila's procedure to remove a skin cancer went well, while John is waiting for the results from his bone marrow biopsy.


From next week there will be a new email address which we will use just to send out invitations to services

I have sent this message to that address so you should be able to add the address to your contacts. My inbox has been overwhelmed by all you lovely people responding to invitations, but it is then easy to overlook other messages. If you need to contact me about anything else please continue to use

And on the subject of invitations if anyone reading this has not had an invitation to a service at church and would like one please do let me know and we would be happy to add you to the invitation list. Going forward we are planning every week to have Sunday services at 10.30am and 5pm (this may be earlier after the clocks go back), we will then alternate between a Sunday service at 9am and a Thursday service at 10am. When we have a Thursday service there will be a 9am Sunday service at Rockingham - if anyone is interested in attending one of those services please also let me know.

This week's ENERGIZE children's resources will also be available in printed form for children in church. Here are the latest Puzzles from Steve - who has had some computer problems which has resulted in a loss of quality, so if you can't read the instruction on the first page it is simply to guess the name of the TV show from the pictures, some are current and others not. Look out for a printed edition of SCANS if you are coming to church.


Once again we filmed the service on Thursday and have used that for our online service. I hope you are blessed by watching this at:

There is also a PDF version, with the words of the songs included.

God bless you all.


01536 400225