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Letter from Ian 27th June

Hello St Columba's Church Family,

This Sunday is a special day for us as we welcome Kevin Montgomery as our new curate along with Kate and their children Hannah, Rebekah, Ciaran, and Niamh. We have a welcome meeting on Zoom at 3pm on Sunday 28th June. During that time together we will hear from Kevin and have an opportunity to introduce yourselves to him, so have a think about what you will say! Of course it will also be great to see one another as well so do make the most of this opportunity.

For those who are familiar with Zoom the invitation is below. For those less familiar you can either:

click on this link to download the free version and then follow the invitation below

or simply phone in to join the meeting by calling 0203 051 2874

and when prompted use this Meeting ID: 837 8351 5291 and Password: 297828

Curate's Welcome Meeting

3pm 28th June 2020

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 837 8351 5291
Password: 297828


You have probably heard in the news this week that churches can resume worship from next Sunday. The government have not yet provided details about how this will work, and so we are planning to continue with our online service for the time being. We will of course let everyone know when we will start to worship together again.


This service was filmed in St Leonard’s church, Rockingham, and is slightly more traditional in style than our usual services, but Rockingham have shared our services so I thought it was time we shared one of theirs. Thanks to Linda for the sermon, Ann for the prayers, and Donna from Rockingham for the reading. It is a Communion service so you will need some bread and wine (or fruit juice) available. The link is below and there is a PDF.


In a couple of weeks we are going to have a Songs of Praise service. If you have a favourite worship song or hymn please let me know what it is. If it is possible we would like you to film yourself introducing the song and telling us why it is your favourite and perhaps how God has spoken to you through it and then send the film to me via Whatsapp (if that sounds impossible for you let me know and we can arrange to film you - safely socially distanced).


This week's Energize at Home resources for children are here. Also available are not just puzzles but a mini SCANS from Steve, for Church Family use only. (Editor's apology: this won't load onto the website due to technical issues.)


The latest instalment of Tom's adventure is below (and thank you David for forwarding this from Tom):


Ruby Kettridge is now free from infection and may be allowed home from Glenfield Hospital for a couple of weeks before the operation to close the hole in her heart - please pray this is possible.

Janet Fordyce's mum, Pauline, is making progress and hoping to return home when additional support is in place.

Joan Tyre had her pacemaker fitted on Tuesday and is recovering well at home.

Revd Jan Collins had an operation yesterday to remove her pancreas which seems to have gone well but please continue to pray for Jan.

We have received the latest "Message from Madagascar" from Derek & Jane Waller, now back in Northamptonshire!


Congratulations to the surprisingly large number of Liverpool supporters in our church family on winning the Premier League!

Every blessing to you all


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