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Letter from Ian 4th July

Hello Everyone,

Warm greetings from the Vicarage to you all.


Once again it seems as if everything is changing, this time with things opening up again. You may be asking when will our church services start again? The PCC are discussing this very question on Tuesday, so please do pray for them. I must say that, whenever we start, it will not be church as we know it. There will be social distancing, no singing, no handshakes never mind hugs, no coffee afterwards, and it will be short, the guidance says about 40 minutes. With the need for social distancing we cannot have everyone together, so how do we allocate places in each service and make sure we never turn anyone away? These are some of the things we are thinking about, so if you have any particular views please do let me or one of the other PCC members know before Tuesday evening.

Whatever happens we will continue to produce an online service each week for the time being, so there will be no pressure on anyone to go back to church if they do not feel ready to do so.


Can I remind you that we have a Songs of Praise service next Sunday, 12th July, with you choosing the songs and hymns that we sing and introducing them on film. A big thank you to the people who have already sent in their song choice and film, but we do need more. Please don't be put off by the idea of filming an introduction, you can either film yourself on your phone (film in landscape with your phone on its side is best) and send the film to me at 07903 644609 via WhatsApp, or we can come and film you outdoors, from a safe social distance, so please do get in touch. We need these by Thursday in order to put the service together.


It was wonderful to be joined by some of you to welcome our new Curate, Kevin Montgomery, on Zoom last Sunday afternoon. I am delighted that Kevin has prepared this week's service. It is an introduction to Kevin and God's call on his life, but hopefully a challenge for all of us to reflect on God's calling in the lives of those we know, and in our own lives. The link for this service is below and there is the usual PDF.

Sunday 5th July service link:

Please do pray for Kevin & Kate and their family as they move this week into our Curate's house in Hood Court.


The latest ENERGIZE resources for young people and children are looking at the "I am" sayings of Jesus, this week "I am the light of the world" and there is a happy God-incidence in that one of Kevin's song choices also fits in with this theme. On the subject of children we have still been able to give "It's Your Move" books to children in Year 6 about to move to Secondary School in Studfall and Rockingham schools, although it has not been possible for me to go into the schools to hand them out in person this year. If you know any children in Year 6, apart from Florrie Harding and Niamh Montgomery who have books set aside for them, who would like a book please do let me know.


We have the latest SCANS from Steve, well worth a read and lots of puzzles to keep you amused. Below you will find the link to the latest episode of Tom Trowel's Plague City story:

Do stay safe if you venture out this week, and remember to pray for PCC deciding about when and how to restart services, and for Kevin & Kate moving to Corby.

God bless you all,


07903 644609