St Columba's Corby

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Letter from Ian 6th September 2020

We have had six services back in church now, and are looking forward to three more tomorrow. If you have not yet joined us and would like to then please let me know so that we can send you an invitation to one of the services coming up. Of course, if you are not yet ready to come back to church that is fine and we will continue to send out online services. I know some people who come to church also watch the online service, not least because of the songs (which we are not able to sing in church) so can I just warn anyone who is coming to the 5pm service tomorrow that the sermon is the same as the online service sermon!


One of our services was a moving Prayer Time on Wednesday evening, when we especially prayed for several people from our church family including Kate Montgomery who has been diagnosed with "Macrophage Activation Syndrome. She is being given a three day blast of very high level steroids to get her body under control so please pray this is effective and that Kate makes a full and speedy recovery. We also prayed for Christine Kettridge who is struggling with the number of hospital appointments (in Northampton) as her body is weaker and less able to cope with these demands; and for Sheila and John Pender as John faces hospital tests, and for their daughters Libh, who is not receiving the mental health care and treatment she needs, and Carla, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please remember all these people in your prayers.


Thank you to those people who have contacted Miriam about Spring Harvest next Easter. I attach all the details again (2021 NOTICE), but do please contact Miriam if you have any questions. Bookings with deposits need to be in by Sunday 20th September please.


I have the latest prayer news from Hope from Above in Australia, where they are under a strict lockdown which includes a nightime curfew. Also available are this week's ENERGIZE activity sheets, although please note that printed copies of these will be available for children in church. There is also another set of puzzles from Steve to keep you entertained.