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Letter from Ian 7th November

Dear Church Family,

As we begin another month of lockdown I think we should be thinking about what we can achieve during these weeks, and not in terms of decorating or tidying our houses. Rather we should think about how we can make a difference for people, by making contact with them and encouraging them, perhaps praying for them over the phone; or we might think about packing a shoebox (and the deadline for dropping these off has been extended to Sunday 6th December, after lockdown, although you can drop off boxes at the Vicarage when you are out shopping or exercising), or donating to the Food Bank (again donations can be left at the Vicarage), or you might like to engage in the Church of England's call to pray and fast for the nation at this time (see the booklet "Prayer for the Nation" with ideas about how and what to pray).

This Sunday is, of course, Remembrance Sunday, and our service reflects this. You may like to have a candle available to light during the service, as well as being ready for the 2 minute silence (if you want to observe this at 11am you should start watching at about 10.40am). There is a PDF of the service and the link is:

This week's chiildren's resources, with sessions for three different age groups, are also on the theme of Remembrance.

Please do remember Christine Kettridge and her family in your prayers. Christine moved on Friday into the Cynthia Spencer Hospice in Northampton. Visiting there is restricted but Christine does still have her phone, although she is very tired so please text her if you would like to make contact rather than phoning.

Also pray for all Alois, Nicole, Kye and all Linda's family as her funeral is taking place on Thursday at 11.15 in church. There will be a live stream available by going to the following links (there are separate links for the service in church and the committal at the Cemetery):

Church Service






Or you can just go directly to the Facebook page or YouTube channel and they will be visible on there.



I hope to send these details again on Wednesday so they are not lost in your inbox.

Finally, and some welcome light relief after all that has gone before, here are this week's puzzles from Steve.

May God bless you all, and do get in touch if there is anything that you need during this time, either spiritually or practically.


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