St Columba's Corby

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Letter from Ian 8th April

Hello Everyone,

Here we are, half way through Holy Week. I hope lots of you managed to engage with the Holy Week reflection, either last night or some time today.

The Foodbank was busy today but not swamped, I have a feeling that may come as people's money stops coming in next month. A big thank you to everyone who has brought Foodbank donations to the Vicarage, please keep them coming.

On Good Friday the Hot Cross Bun Feast will be coming to you in a new format - all being well you should be able to see and hear me. It will be good to have feedback saying if this works because if it does we might try something similar on Easter Day. Also for the Hot Cross Bun Feast you may like to have a...Hot Cross Bun, so if you are able to buy some, or maybe keep one you have already for that service.

Here is the service for Maundy Thursday, with a sermon that was mostly written by Steve. Thank you to Steve, Trevor for choosing the songs and Jo for selecting the youtube links. The service is in PDF format, which I hope you can all open, some people had problems with the Word document, please let me know if PDF causes you any problem and I can send in both formats.

I hope you and all your families and friends stay healthy and that you are able to spend some time with the Lord this week, perhaps reading the Passion story from one of the gospels:

Matthew 26.14 -27.66, Mark 14.12 - 15.47, Luke 22.1 - 23.56 or John 18.1 - 19.42.

Every blessing to you all,


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