St Columba's Corby

Open to God... open to you

Letter from Ian 8th August

Hello Everyone,

I have just returned from taking Anne & Paul's wedding in St Columba's, the first service there since our Annual Meeting Service on 15th March! It opens the door for our return to worship in a fortnight's time, always providing there are no local restrictions. I am pleased to say that the rule about preachers and service leaders wearing face masks has been relaxed, which will benefit both those who attend services and also make it more likely that we will be able to film some of the service for the online version, but more of that later.


Kate was readmitted to hospital on Monday evening and she is being treated for sepsis. Kevin told me earlier today that she was looking brighter yesterday when he was able to visit but had another temperature spike last night and little sleep so not great today, which is especially sad because it is her birthday. Please pray for her continued recovery, no more setbacks and for her body to get back to some sense of normal. Kevin is so grateful for all your prayers.


Many of you know that Jo has been helping to put together our youtube services since we started them, and I am not sure what I would have done without her "technical support". Sadly for us, but good for her, Jo is moving back to Bexleyheath this week, although she does not have a job so will be looking for one as soon as possible. Please give thanks to God for Jo's help over the last few months and pray for her to stay healthy and find a job on her return.


I hope many of you were able to watch some of New Wine last weekend, our service this week includes some people's reflections on what they saw. It is not too late for anyone to watch the worship and teaching, all of which can be found at:


New Wine also included some great children and young people's activities, which you can also access from the website. There is also a sheet of Energize Extra Ideas if you have already watched the material from New Wine.


As I said the service this week is made up of reflections from people who watched New Wine online, and a big thank you to them for sharing with us. There is a PDF and the link is here:
Welcome to our service of New Wine Reflections. 
We have some thoughts, comments and songs 
inspired by New Wine 2020: United Breaks Out! 
If you haven't checke...


There has been lots going on this week so no invitations have gone out for the services on 23rd August, just keep that date free in your diary. Steve has produced another set of puzzles.

God bless you all,