St Columba's Corby

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Letter from Ian 9th April

Hello Everyone,

The emails are coming thick and fast this week, but that is because it is Holy Week and we would have had lots of extra services this week if we had been in church. In fact the service for Good Friday would have been in the Church Hall and been a fun interactive service with lots of coffee and Hot Cross Buns. I hope you have the coffee and buns so that you can re-create the atmosphere, but even without them you can take part in this year's Hot Cross Bun Feast simply by clicking on the link below.

This will take you to a youtube playlist which includes a number of short films recorded at the Vicarage, as well as four songs. Once you have clicked on the link it will play all the way through, there is no need to select the individual songs. Having said that you may need to pause the programme as there is some thinking time required, and, of course, you may need more coffe and Hot Cross Buns!

The link is:

I do hope you are able to open this because if it works I may use a similar link on Sunday. Let me know how you get on.


Next week many of us were looking forward to going to Spring Harvest at Skegness, but now we can't go there Spring Harvest is coming to our homes and EVERYONE will be able to access the programme which includes the full range of Spring Harvest material, including All Age, Children's, Youth, Adult, Teaching, Worship and even After Hours fun!

Full details are available at:

You can click on the links there which explain how you can access the material and an outline of the programme, although the content will not start to be available until next week. I do wholeheartedly recommend that you access as much of this as possible, either live or later.

And don't forget there will be a service for Easter Day coming out on Saturday, and while it will be a strange Easter in so many ways, we should still be able to celebrate the glorious news that the Lord is risen!

Every blessing to you all at this time.