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Letter from Kevin 17th October

Dear Church Family

We continue our look at the life of Moses today, and the Israelites are in the desert having a moan about God, Moses, Aaron, life in general and everything that can come along. It’s funny sometimes isn’t it that as we look at each new generation that comes after us we complain, ironically, about how much they moan about things, or are offended about things – if you spend much time on the Internet you can hardly have missed the ‘boomers’ and the ‘snowflakes’ each telling each other how bad their generation is!

Of course, if we see today’s message and indeed look back through God’s word right back to the story of Adam and Eve we can see people moaning – it’s certainly not a new thing! I don’t think there’s anything wrong in being honest about our situation, after all if things aren’t going well then they’re not going well, but at the same time we as God’s people are called to fix our eyes on higher things, as the old hymn says ‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in His wonderful face, And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, In the light of his glory and grace’.

So whatever life is like today, let’s look at our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, let’s seek him and let’s remember all of his provision from us as we seek to understand all he has to say to us today.

This Week

Ian and Miriam are away still, hopefully enjoying some relaxation in deepest Devon still so let’s continue to pray for a real time of refreshing, especially as Ian will be straight back into a busy run of services and planning for Christmas. We also give thanks for all Miriam does behind the scenes to keep St Columba ticking over as well, from admin to Foodbank. Whilst we are thinking about these things shall we pray this week for all of those who serve in the life of our church, whether that’s praying, reading, preaching, admin, church wardens, PCC, safeguarding, finances, cleaning and everything that contributes to helping us all be the family of God together. Everyone in the body is useful, valuable and contributes to helping us in our faith and growing in God and we give thanks for all.

Please also continue to pray for the Mateyo family, that funeral arrangements will all come together, for Mary Craig, family and friends – Rodger’s funeral will be this coming Friday so please be praying for that too. Let’s also pray for the Pender family, Sheila has let me know that Carla’s operation went well and we thank God for that, but we continue to pray for each of them in God.

Each of us will have situations that we need prayer for over these weeks, if you would like me or Ian to pray do just get in touch, but equally pray with each other can be powerful and effective so let’s continue to hold each other in prayer.

The Service

Our online service is available as usual this week and we have a great preach from David Bavin opening up God’s word to us;

There is a words version of the service. There is also this week’s Energise pack and we have another great Mini-SCaNS provided by Steve Scholes – including a chocoholics quiz which I may be forced to admit I did pretty well in – I know my chocolates!

Hopefully you will have received the right invite to the right service for this Sunday, if you are unsure I do have the list from Ian so drop me an email back and I will confirm which service you are at!

May God bless each of us as we serve Him this week, and may we see Him clearly in all that we do.

Every blessing