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Corby is a town in the East Midlands (Northamptonshire) with big plans. Developments currently under construction or on-site include:

  • a new retail & civic heart for the town
  • rail links to London & the North, and a brand new station
  • an Olympic swimming pool, used for team training for 2012
  • 28,000 new homes
  • a population doubled from 55,000 to 110,000 people
  • integrated transport & renewal of housing stock
  • 30,000 new jobs to match population growth

People have moved to Corby from all over the British Isles and beyond for decades. Our church members are from this country, as well as Scotland, Zimbabwe, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, Northern & Southern Ireland, Canada, Germany, Wales, Kyrgyzstan and Botswana. As regeneration continues in the town, we're looking forward to welcoming more newcomers, too!

            Willow Place    

For more details visit:-  'moreinCorby'                         

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LOCAL INFORMATION (click on title for website)

North Northamptonshire Council   0300 126 3000

Northamptonshire BBC

Corby Police Station                        03000 111 222

Kettering General Hospital              01536 492000

Train Times / Enquiries                    0845 748 4950  

As part of our service to the community the church hall may, on occasion, be available for hire as our programme allows. In addition to our own clubs and so on, we presently host regular meetings for:

  • Dancing classes weekly, for tinies to teens
  • the Co-op ladies choir 
  • our local Tenants & Residents Association
  • help groups for those with addiction problems

If you would like further information, please contact us, or to enquire about hall booking, please ring: 01536 400225. Please note that not all of our regular commitments are advertised.

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